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UofL provides a high-speed campus ethernet data network interconnecting university buildings on three campuses. The campus network provides faculty, staff, and students the fastest and most secure access to campus servers, the internet, and our research networks.

ITS services and maintains UofL’s wired network. Units and departments can order ethernet network connections for computers and approved servers through a work order. All campus wired network connections are switched, not shared, ensuring performance and reliability. A list of fiscal year pricing is available.

ITS Infrastructure Cost Allocations

Starting in FY23FY22/23, all university units and departments will receive an annual IT services cost allocation ITS Infrastructure Cost Allocation based on a percentage of their annual budget.  This infrastructure cost allocation will support wired and wireless network, Internet, telephones , and Microsoft O365 Productivity Suite, and ERP systemsOffice365 Suite. This single charge replaces the former NBI (Network Base Infrastructure) , and Microsoft Campus Agreement , and ERP Cost Allocation charges. 

Each year the UofL budget office will calculate the required amount of the allocationdetermine the allocation amounts for the VPs and Deans.  The allocation allocations may increase a small percentage each year depending on an analysis of the university’s cost for services, maintenance, equipment replacement , and upgrades.

University units and departments will implement their infrastructure cost allocation as part of the budget development process.  Questions about this cost allocation should be directed to your unit business manager or the Lead Fiscal Officer (LFO) for your VP or Dean.