Microsoft Campus Agreement FAQs

How do I update the speedtype for my unit or school in the Microsoft Campus Agreement?

The Unit Business Manager can update the speedtype in the Microsoft Campus Agreement by completing the online form.  ULink user ID and password are required for registration.

What does the Microsoft Campus Agreement include?

For Use at Work (On University/Department-Purchased Computers)

For Use at Home (Up to 5 Devices)

  • Windows 10

  • Office 365


    • Access

    • Excel

    • Skype for Business

    • OneNote

    • Outlook

    • PowerPoint

    • Publisher

    • Word

Project Professional 365 - $61.20, and Office Visio Professional 365 - $24.00 are available for purchase.

How can I get enrollment help?

If you require assistance using the Microsoft Campus Agreement renewal and enrollment process, contact iTech Xpress at or 502-852-6912.

How are the rates for the Microsoft Campus Agreement calculated?

Microsoft has changed the licensing model and no longer uses IPEDS data.  Licenses are assigned to individual users.  All employees and active sponsored accounts at the time of renewal will be billed including any future accounts created during the year.

When will the Microsoft Campus Agreement be billed?

Microsoft Campus Agreement charges will be assessed in August 2021.

No. Students are covered based on departmental participation.

Are labs covered under the Microsoft Campus Agreement?

Yes. Any labs in a unit or school that participates in the Microsoft Campus Agreement are covered at no additional cost.

Not all members of my unit or school want to be in the agreement. Can we still participate?

No. All members of a unit or school will be covered in the agreement.

What if a FTE moved to another department but is still showing on my department's FTE count?

Your department's Unit Business Manager (UBM) can initiate an intra-university transfer (IUT) of funds between your department and the FTE's new department.