Eduroam Onboarding (SecureW2)-Android

For more info about the app: securew2

For a video version: Onboarding Video Guide - Android

Step 1

Go to Settings. Choose Wi-Fi. Connect the device to ulvisitor.  Select Connect (if prompted).

Enter email and click accept to get fully connected to ulvisitor.

Step 2

Open a Browser and go to

You should see a screen with your operating system already chosen. If not, please select your operating system from the drop-down menu next to “Select your device“.

  1. Select download.

  2. If prompted please follow the instructions to set up a required pin or password on your mobile device.

Step 3

When prompted, please follow the instructions to setup a required pin or password on your device.

 Select JoinNow.

Step 4

On the Google Play store SecureW2 JoinNow application screen, Select Install.

Step 5

On the Google Play store SecureW2 JoinNow. Click on Accept.

Step 6

After the application installs, Select Open.

Step 7

On the Authentication prompt: Enter your and password.

Step 8

Click No on the Stay Signed in screen.  

Step 9

Click on Next.    

Step 10

Once the Wireless Configuration Portal is complete. Select Done

You are now connected to eduroam.

Having trouble configuring your Wi-Fi connection with the JoinNow Application? Here’s a list of the most common issues JoinNow users face.

JoinNow works best when Chrome is the Default Browser. Learn how to change your Default Browser here.

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Android 10

Android 9

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