As part of our Microsoft Office365 suite of applications, SharePoint is an online collaboration and file sharing productivity tool. While departmental site administrators
can make changes, add/remove users, we can help via a form.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​SharePoint in Office 365

UofL's on-site SharePoint 2010 system and storage of files was updated and transitioned to the functionality available in our Microsoft Office365 offerings. With Office365, Microsoft created a "universal toolkit for collaboration." SharePoint exists as a fundamental building block in this toolkit, serving as a storage and sharing for files, documents and data. Many applications in O365 provide various collaboration and storage capabilities not available in SharePoint alone. ​​

Our team can also consult with you about other service options, such as Office365 Groups or Microsoft Teams, as these provide functionality beyond file storage.  ​ Learn more about 365 Groups.​

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