iRIS - Logging in to iRIS with a Guest Account

A guest account is an account that does not end in Guest accounts use personal email addresses to access iRIS. Guest accounts require invitations generated by Cirrus.

After a University of Louisville staff member with access to Cirrus sends you an invitation to your personal email account to use iRIS, you can create a guest account for iRIS using your personal email address. Follow the steps below to create your guest account and log in to iRIS successfully.

Creating and managing guest accounts in Cirrus is being deprecated and will be disabled in early 2023. ITS strongly recommends using only sponsored accounts for non-UofL users to access iRIS.

For information on how to request a sponsored account, visit our Requesting Accounts knowledge base article.

For information on how to log in to iRIS using a sponsored account, visit out Logging in to iRIS using a Sponsored Account knowledge base article.

If a user already has a guest account and wants to transition to using a sponsored account to log in to iRIS, the guest account (made via Cirrus) and the sponsored account can be merged. For information on how to merge the guest account and the sponsored account, visit our Merge Guest Account and Sponsored Account knowledge base article.

NOTE: You must activate your guest account before you can use it to log in to iRIS.


  • Once the University staff member sends the invitation to access iRIS, you will receive an email. A screenshot of the email is below:

  • After you receive your personal invitation via email, click the link in the email to accept the invitation and set up your account.

  • A new window will open in your default browser. Accept the Terms of Service for the University by checking the box next to “I agree to the Terms of Service for UofL Guest Accounts.” Then, click the “University of Louisville Guest” button in the center of the screen.

  • Enter your first and last name on the next screen. Then, click “Create”.


NOTE: You cannot change your email address in the “Email Address” field. This is the email address that the invitation was sent to, and you will use this email address to log in to iRIS.


  • Create your password. Your password must meet the password standards. After creating your password, click “Activate Account”.

  • When you successfully create your password, you will see a confirmation screen. Click “Continue”.

  • After clicking “Continue”, you will be taken to a log-in screen. Log in using your new guest account: your personal email address and your newly-created password.



  • After logging in, you will see a “registration successful” message. Once registration is complete, you will have access to iRIS in 48 hours.


After successfully registering your guest account, you can log in to iRIS using the following steps:

  • Enter your username and password. Your username is the personal email address that was used to create your guest account.


  • Once you successfully log in, you will be taken to the iRIS home page.

For iRis Help contact: Katy Vitale

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