iRIS - Merge a Guest Account and a Sponsored Account

ITS strongly encourages using University of Louisville sponsored accounts to access iRIS. While the use of guest accounts created using Cirrus is permitted, ITS recommends transitioning users with guest accounts to UofL sponsored accounts.


If a user has a guest account in iRIS and transitions to using a UofL sponsored account to log in to iRIS, the user’s guest account and the guest’s UofL sponsored account can be merged so that no important access or information is lost.


To merge a guest account and a sponsored account, follow the steps below:

  1. Request a sponsored account for the user with a guest account using our

Identity Access Management Portal.


2. Once the sponsored account for the user is approved, have the user activate their newly-created sponsored account.

For instructions on how to activate the account, visit our Activate Your Account knowledge base article.


3. Once the sponsored account is activated, the user will log in to iRIS using the sponsored account.

For instructions on how to log in to iRIS using the sponsored account, visit our Logging in to iRIS Using a Sponsored Account knowledge base article.


4. After successfully logging in to iRIS with the sponsored account, submit a ticket online via the

ITS HelpDesk.

  • In the ticket, include the following information:

    • The user’s first and last name

    • The user’s sponsored account user name

    • The user’s guest account user name in iRIS

    • A statement within the ticket informing our HelpDesk that the user is now using a sponsored account to access iRIS and needs their guest account and sponsored accounts merged

After submitting the ticket, you will receive a notification via email and/or our ticketing system when the accounts are successfully merged.

Need help? Contact our HelpDesk at 502-852-7997 or at .