iRIS - Logging in to iRIS with a UofL Sponsored Account

Users can access iRIS using a University sponsored account (i.e., a specially-requested account ending in that is assigned to individuals not employed with the University of Louisville but have university-related business or obligations.)


Sponsored accounts are available for individuals that are not employed by the University of Louisville but have a valid business or academic relationship that requires the account(s) and/or access. Some valid reasons for sponsoring an account are:

  • Visiting academic groups

  • Temporary or visiting instructors if no other process for provisioning is currently in place

  • Third party doing administrative or academic business for or with a university entity needing technical access

  • Accounts can only be requested by a Unit Business Manager / or the designated Tier I for the unit and approved by a VP or Dean, Dept. Chair (academic), supervisor (administrative) or designee. The account request must include the specific purpose (business or academic) of the sponsorship and the access restricted to only information and resources required for the specified purpose.

To get a University sponsored account, your sponsoring department must request the account on your behalf. The sponsoring department can request a sponsored account via the Identity Access Management Portal. More information can be found in our Requesting Accounts article.

NOTE: You must have either a guest account or a sponsored account to access iRIS. Your sponsored account must be approved and created before you can log in to iRIS as a sponsored account.

NOTE: You cannot have both a guest account and sponsored account. If you previously had a guest account (i.e., an account using your personal email address) and receive a University sponsored account, your guest account will be merged with your sponsored account. For instructions on how to merge your accounts, visit our Merge a Guest Account and a Sponsored Account knowledge base article.

Follow the steps below to log in to iRIS using your University sponsored account.

  • You will be taken to a Microsoft log-in page. Enter your full University sponsored account email address ( , and click “Next”.

  • Enter your password This is the password you set when you activated your sponsored account. After entering your password, click “Sign In”.

NOTE: If you have not yet activated your account, visit our Activate Your Account knowledge base article. If you have not activated your account, you cannot access iRIS. When you activate your account, you will be able to create a password and update your recovery information.

  •  If your log-in was successful, you will enter the iRIS home page.

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