How To - Install Onbase Unity Thin Client

The Onbase Unity client is the recommended Onbase client to use.  It has several advantages:

  1. 1. User-friendly user interface.  Similar to MS office, has toolbars with icons.

    2. Easy to install – just click a link (see below)

    3. Future versions/updates of the client will be applied automatically

    4. Does not need the Oracle client installed or any ODBC connections

    5. Has most of the functionality of the old thick client

Installation prerequisites:

  1. 1. During the installation, you must be logged in to your PC as your AD (domain/Windows) account

    2. You must add these sites to the trusted sites in your browser settings before clicking the install links:

  1. a.

  1. 3. You must use Microsoft Edge to open the install links below.

    4. You must have an Onbase account to login to the Unity client.  If you need an Onbase account, request it from your supervisor.  Each department has one or two people authorized to fill out the request form to have an Onbase account created for you.


Production (OBPROD) Unity Installer link:

What is Onbase?

Onbase is an application from Hyland software that is used to store and retrieve scanned and electronic documents (pdfs, images, Word docs, spreadsheets, etc).  It also has a sophisticated Workflow module for routing documents to users to complete tasks on that document such as data entry and approvals.