User requests CardBox account and receives invitation email

Cardbox accounts at the University of Louisville are created as

When requesting a Cardbox account, if the user has previously created a personal account using that account will be sent an invitation to join the U of L instance of Box.  The user should receive the invitation email in their University email account.

The user can follow the link in the invitation email or manually go to in a web browser and click on Log in, where they log in with and the password they created for their personal account.

NOTE: This password is NOT synchronized with the user's ULink password.

If the user cannot remember their personal password, they can change it using the Reset Password link on the Log In page.

Once logged in to their personal account, they should receive a pop-up box inviting them to the University's instance:

After the invitation has been accepted, the user will be able to log in via using their University credentials (ie, userID and ULink password).