Microsoft Stream Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have videos and recordings saved in Microsoft Stream (Classic). What will happen to those videos/recordings?

After a video, group, or channel is moved to Microsoft Stream, existing Microsoft Stream (Classic) embed codes and links will still work, redirecting to the same content in SharePoint or OneDrive. Microsoft has not yet set a retirement date for Microsoft Stream (Classic).

Where will the meeting recording be stored?

For non-channel meetings (i.e., meetings that do not occur in a channel within a team, such as a 1:1 meeting), the recording will be stored in a file folder named Recordings in the OneDrive for Business account of the person who started the meeting recording.

For channel meetings (i.e., meetings that occur in a channel in Microsoft Teams), the recording will be stored in the Teams site documentation library in a folder named Recordings.

When Stream files (such as recordings) are stored in SharePoint/OneDrive, how is it decided where they go? Can the administrator change where it goes?

All recording files go to the OneDrive account of the user who selected Record (except channel meetings; those recordings go to the Teams site documentation library). Administrators cannot change where the recording is stored.

How do I handle recordings from former employees?

Handling recordings from former employees follows the normal OneDrive for Business and SharePoint processes. Recordings from former employees (i.e., recordings that are stored in a former employee’s OneDrive for Business) will be deleted 30 days after the employee’s Microsoft 365 account is terminated.

Who has the permissions to view the meeting recording?

For non-channel meetings, all meeting invitees [except for external users (i.e., users outside of the University of Louisville)] will automatically get a personal, shared link. External users will need to be explicitly added to the shared list by the meeting organizer or the person who started the meeting recording.

For channel meetings, permissions are inherited from the owner and members list in the channel.

How can I play a Teams meeting recording?

The video will play on the video player of OneDrive for Business or SharePoint, depending on where you access the file.

How do I access OneDrive for Business?

Go to, and sign in using your University of Louisville credentials ( and password).