Web Page Blocked in Accordance with University Policy


User receives splash page below stating a web page has been blocked.


The University of Louisville Internet firewall has been setup, as an industry best practice, to prevent access to web content that is at high-risk for being malicious. This is accomplished by setting the following URL categories to block: command-and control, malware, not-resolved, parked, and phishing.


Tickets need to be placed in queue IT-EntSec to process any false positives. Tickets must have the site's function / purpose and why the page should not be blocked before the ticket creation is completed or assigned to a queue.

URLs classified in one of the dangerous categories will be blocked. Anyone attempting to visit these URLs will see a splash page appear instead of the site and visiting the site will not be possible. The Category indicated on the splash page is the reason why the website has been blocked.

Example of block page copied from web browser:


False Positives:

If you believe the site you are attempting to visit should not be blocked – please contact the University Helpdesk – and provide them with all information displayed in the block window.

Be sure to include

  • the URL

  • the Rule

  • the Category

  • the website function/purpose

  • why it should be reclassified

This will reduce the time it takes for the false positive to be analyzed.