Web Page Blocked

The ITS Enterprise Security team enabled the Internet firewall to block specific known categories of dangerous websites beginning September 2017. If anyone is wondering why a website is being blocked look at the “Category” field on the block page to find out how the website is classified.

Category definitions for blocked content

Command and Control: URLs and domains used by malware and/or compromised systems to surreptitiously communicate with an attacker’s remote server to receive malicious commands or exfiltrate data.

Malware: Sites containing malicious content, executables, scripts, viruses, trojans, and code.

Parked: URLs which host limited content or click-through ads which may generate revenue for the host entity but generally do not contain content that is useful to the end user and has the potential to contain malicious content.

Phishing: Seemingly reputable sites that harvest personal information from its users via phishing or pharming.

D-dangerous-urls: Sites that have been identified as malicious and not in one of the other categories that are blocked.

If you are certain that a site that has been improperly categorized or the issue that caused it to be placed in one of these categories has been resolved a ticket will need to be created and assigned to the Enterprise Security team. Please include all of the information on the block page, the website function/purpose, and why it should be reclassified. This happens most often when a website is new or recently changed. The request to change the category of a website can take up to 1 business day to get a response back from the vendor once we submit it.

For additional information see Web Page Blocked in Accordance with University Policy