Eduroam allows UofL students, faculty, and staff to easily obtain wi-fi internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions.

Eduroam also provides wi-fi access for campus visitors from participating institutions without the need to obtain UofL guest credentials.

How do I use Eduroam?

At UofL, the process is similar to setting up access to the ULSecure wireless network. See the Wireless Configuration Guide for information on how to set up your Eduroam wireless.

Other Institutions

If you wish to use the wi-fi service at other educational institutions that support Eduroam, YOU MUST LOG-IN AT LEAST ONCE PRIOR (WHILE ON A UOFL CAMPUS) TO VERIFY YOUR SETTINGS. A list of participating institutions is available on the Eduroam website. In fact, Eduroam can be used for your everyday campus wi-fi in place of our ULSecure.