Wireless Configuration Guide

Automated Configuration for eduroam access - (Preferred)

UofL has an on-boarding tool (securew2) which will set up devices for eduroam access.  eduroam provides secure encrypted access on the UofL campuses.  Eduroam can also be used by UofL faculty, staff and students when visiting other eduroam member institutions, and provides service at UofL for guests whose institutions participate in eduroam.  

The securew2 tool will install a security certificate on a device.  Once installed, it is no longer necessary to re-enter your userID and password for wireless each time your password changes.  When the certificate expires, you will need to perform the setup again.  A series of notification emails with instructions will be sent when it's time to renew.

To access the securew2 setup tool, open a web page and go to http://uofl.edu/setupwireless  on your device or scan the QR code with your mobile camera app:


Detailed configuration instructions are available for the following platforms:


Apple iPhone/iPad iOS




Windows 10


Fixing Android 11 Issue if Previously Onboarded

Manual Device Configuration - (Not Preferred)

Faculty, staff and students can set up secure wireless access using the built-in software tools of the Windows and Mac operating systems. This method relies on your userID and password, and access will need to be reset whenever the password changes.  The automated configuration using securew2 above is the preferred method of configuration.

Configuration instructions are available for Windows 10, macOS, iOS, and Android operating systems.

Windows 10


iPhone 4+

iPad iOS 4+


Android 4.0+