Chromebook Wireless Configuration Guide

Chromebook Wireless Detailed Setup Guide

To connect your Chromebook to the ulsecure wireless network, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the network icon  in the lower-right corner of your screen.

  2. Select your network status from the menu that appears.

  3. Select Join other... in the lower-left corner.

  4. Select Advanced in the lower-left corner.

Configuration Settings for ulsecure wireless:

  • SSID: ulsecure

  • EAP Method: PEAP

  • Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPv2

  • Server CA Certificate: Default

  • User Certificate: None Installed

  • Identity: Ulink ID

  • Password: Ulink Password

  • Anonymous Identity: Empty

  1. Click 


When / if the Chromebook does not connect:

  1. Check the box to make ulsecure an automatically connect network (do NOT make ulopen an automatic connection)

  1. Click Connect to ulsecure

  1. Let it attempt to connect repeatedly until it finally connects, during this time you likely will receive DHCP Lookup Failure errors that you should ignore.  Those errors are actually a good sign however as it demonstrates it is trying to connect.

Let the Chromebook keep attempting to connect to ulsecure and eventually it will assuming the credentials and configuration are correct.  Sometimes it will connect immediately and more often it will connect in 10-20 minutes so keep trying.

The "trick" seems to be to keep the Chromebook from connecting to other networks and eventually it will connect to ulsecure.  It may take several (over many minutes) iterations but it will connect.  After it finally gets connected subsequent connections seem to be more readily done and because ulsecure is the only UofL automatically connect network and your credentials are stored it is manageable.