CRC Software


A variety of commercial and open-source software is available to facilitate computational research at the University of Louisville. Software for bioinformatics, computational chemistry, fluid dynamics, molecular dynamcs, quantum physics and chemistry, and solid mechancics is available. In addition compilers are available for local code development including GNU, IBM, Intel, and the Portland Group suites of compilers. Oracle and MySQL database managment systems are available as well. The list below provides a high-level overview of general-purpose software that is available on the CRC.

However, due to time limitations, IT's research computing staff can only actively support a subset of the software below. In general it is the user's responsibility to understand how to use the applications listed in a distributed computing environment but training sessions are available upon request - contact us for more information.

In addition IT's research computing consultants can assist in the installation, debugging and use of additional software when requested via a consulting project.

Compilers, Debuggers, and Profilers

Parallel Environments

Computational Chemistry Software

Mathematical and Statistical Software

Visualization and Plotting

Libraries, Python, Java and Perl packages

Bioinformatics and biostatistics Software

Engineering Analysis Software

Data-, Text-, and Web-Mining Software

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