UofL Alerts - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about UofL Alerts

Why should I sign up for UofL’s text messaging alert system?

During a campus emergency, your safety may depend on having the latest information. If you regularly carry a cell phone or other mobile device, our text messaging service gives you the most up-to-date information.

Will I have to pay for the text messages?

If your mobile plan charges for incoming text messages then you may be charged for the message. Bear in mind, however, that messages are sent only during emergencies or when campus conditions affect class/work schedules. We believe that the benefit of receiving such important information far outweighs the cost of a text message.

What can I expect?

Our text alerts generally will follow a template that includes: what happened, when and where it happened and what action you should take. Sometimes, full information is not available in the first notification. However, in the case of an unfolding emergency, updated information will be posted at louisville.edu and sent to you via your university e-mail account.

Can I add more than one mobile number?

Yes. You can add up to three mobile numbers.

Can I add more than one e-mail address?

Yes. You can add two more e-mail addresses.

What if I need to change the number?

You can simply log into your Rave account click on the 'My Account' tab and edit your phone and email settings.

What kinds of events are considered an “emergency?”

UofL’s text message system is used for situations in which the campus community may be exposed to a serious and immediate danger. Examples include a shooter or violent crime on campus, bomb, terrorist act, chemical hazard, gas leak, etc. It is also used for weather emergencies such as tornadoes and other situations such as university closings and class delays.

How do I close my account?

Faculty, staff and students will continue to receive alert emails until they leave the university. At the time that their university email account is closed, the corresponding Rave account will also be closed. Mobile text messaging services can always be removed any time by log into your Rave account click on the 'My Account' tab and edit your phone and email settings.

What if I’m having trouble signing up for text messaging alerts?

If you have read the help page and still have problems signing up or logging in with your UofL Email and password, please contact the Help Desk at 502-852-7997 or by e-mail.

Note to Cricket and Leap customers: Often, Cricket and Leap subscribers have what is called a "premium messaging block" placed on their accounts. Cricket does this so that you do not get accidentally charged with unexpected per-message fees from certain providers. As a reminder, Rave does not charge any per-message fees. Premium messaging blocks will not prevent you from receiving text messages from other phone numbers, only from companies. If you have already registered your Cricket number with Rave but are still waiting for a confirmation code, you should call Cricket/Leap and ask that short-codes 62783 and 226787 not be blocked. Those are the codes Rave uses to send emergency messages.