UofL Email FAQs

Your email address is your ULink userID@louisville.edu (for example: fmlast01@louisville.edu).

You will also be assigned an address similar to First.Last@louisville.edu. Depending on how common your name is there may be a number added after your last name. Sponsored accounts do not get a First.Last@louisville.edu email address.

Your log in ID for your UofL Email is your ULink userID@louisville.edu.

You can access your email through the web application at https://outlook.office.com/mail/.

You can use the Outlook client on your computer or mobile device.

For both types of access use your userid@louisville.edu as the email address when setting up.

  1. Tap the “Settings” icon from the home screen, then down to "Mail" 

  2. In “Mail" go to "Accounts"

  3. Tap on "Add Account"

  4. Tap the “Exchange”.

  5. Enter your full University Email address (userid@louisville.edu)

  6. Click on NEXT (upper right of the screen)

  7. Password: Your University ULink password

  8. The account SHOULD verify

  9. Be sure that all of the items (mail, Contacts, etc) are ON (have green showing)

  10. Click SAVE 

Yes, faculty and staff email addresses will appear in your UofL Email address book.

·         Personal Contact Groups

When you create a personal contact group in your UofL Email, you may include anyone in the group (even external email addresses like Gmail, Yahoo, etc). However, you are the only person who may use your personal contact groups; they cannot be shared.

·         Public Contact Groups

When you create a public contact group in your UofL Email, you may only include other UofL Email users in your group. The advantage is that other UofL Email users can see and use your public contact groups. Public groups may be controlled by the following settings:

·         Open - Any UofL Email user can join or leave the group at anytime.

·         Restricted Access - UofL Email users can only join or leave the group with approval from the creator of the group.

·         Membership Closed - All requests to join or leave the group are automatically rejected.