Modern Authentication for Office 365

Information Technology Services is updating all email authentication settings on Thursday, November 5, 2020. It is highly recommended that all UofL users employ updated version of MS Outlook for all computers and install the MS Outlook app on mobile devices as native (built-in) mail and calendar clients may not work with Microsoft’s new Modern Authentication. Any email application using POP or IMAP will no longer work. Any operating system previous to iOS 11 will NOT work with Microsoft’s modern authentication.

Apple computers using anything less than macOS 10.14 (Mojave) cannot support Modern Authentication. The Operating system need to be upgraded OR use the web access at

ITS suggests the following three options to resolve any problems with email access from phones and mobile devices after the update takes place.

Option 1: Suggested actions for iPhone or iPad:

  1. Delete the account on phone. Recreate account.

    1. Go to Settings. Scroll down to “Passwords and Accounts” (if you do not have this listed, on iPhones go to Mail).

    2. On the list of accounts, scroll to your UofL account (possibly named Exchange), select. Then scroll to the bottom and select “delete account” in red.

    3. Confirm that you want to delete the account from iPhone or iPad.

    4. Return to the list of accounts and scroll to the bottom to select add account.

    5. From the list of the types of accounts, chose Microsoft “Exchange” account.

    6. Enter your UserID email address ( and under description, you can leave the default or give it another name.

    7. Select Next at the top right.

    8. It will ask you to sign in or manual configure. Chose SIGN IN.

    9. Sign in with your UofL password. When you are prompted, select Save.

When complete, check your email.

If this does not work, please contact the ITS HelpDesk directly, 852-7997.

Option 2: Install Microsoft Outlook for Mobile on the device and add your UofL email account. Outlook for Mobile is available from the iOS and Android app stores and is the only ITS supported mobile mail client. See for more information.

What is Modern Authentication?

  • Modern Authentication enables Microsoft/Office 365 advanced security sign-in features with Office client applications and it removes the need for Outlook to use the basic authentication protocol.

  • The Office client will use an in-application browser control to render the Azure AD sign-in experience in the same fashion as browser-based Office 365 clients like Outlook on the Web. 

  • Modern Authentication allows the Office client to no longer need to store the credentials of the user on the client device.

  • Modern Authentication for Exchange Online only works with Outlook 2013 and later, supported web browsers, Outlook Mobile, Outlook for Mac 2016, and Exchange ActiveSync in iOS 11 or later. 

  • If you use Outlook 2010/Outlook for Mac 2011 or earlier, basic authentication is still used because modern authentication is not supported on older versions of the Office applications.