Our University of Louisville wireless network provides four different connections on all campuses with 802.11n dual band 2.4/5GHz WiFi. We recommend using our ITS on-boarding tool to assist with the set-up of your devices for the best connectivity and with extended certified access (up to 5 years). The four types of wireless access are available, depending upon your needs and UofL sign-in options:

is the preferred UofL wireless network for students, faculty and staff based on the most secure encryption and authentication standards available. Our eduroam wireless service provides secure access for users on campus from other participating institutions that also utilize eduroam. Logging-in to verify your UofL credentials to initially set up the service is required. Use our ITS on-boarding tool to begin. See details for more information on this wireless network and extending your account for wireless access at other participating universities and institutions. A configuration guide for specific devices is also available for assistance.

is another UofL secure wireless network for students, faculty and staff which encrypts data in order to prevent intrusions and interception of traffic. This Wi-Fi connection also requires a valid UofL userID and password. A configuration guide for specific devices is also available for assistance.

is our wireless network that allows unlimited but unencrypted access for frequent or short-term guests to UofL. Sponsorship by a UofL faculty or administrative staff is required for this type of WiFi account. To create accounts and register devices go to the device registration portal. More information about requesting and managing sponsored WiFi guest accounts in the Password and Account Management Portal is available in the ULSponsor MyDevice Portal Guide.

allows for open, short-term use. With no sign-in required, this connection is primarily for UofL’s visitors and guests who need wireless access. WiFi sessions on ULvisitor are limited to 6 hours on HTTP and HTTPS sites and sessions automatically log out after 30 minutes of inactivity.